What is EOD for software engineer

EOD technically means end of the day, but it hardly exsits.It never ends for some unlucky one.
When day starts in the morning,there is a waiting for EOD.We hope that We’ll finish up the job and will retun
home. Many things works in between them from tea to table tennis. But code hardly works in first half.It generally works
before EOD.Now you are finished up with task by copy & paste or unfortunately you have to write your own code that. Any way you are finished up and you can come home or can watch a night show.

Situations changes when codes do not work!!!. You will not want to be near of EOD.Now you are wanting more time but no way out. It’s 9.30, still you are not finished up. Now EOD is actually End of the Developer. :(

If you are surviving anyway after EOD you can take rest by thinking about saving your ass for the next days. It’s a short description about EOD.

I always¬† find code to copy&paste but I didn’t find anything to copy & paste this time. :(

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  1. Great….

  2. @kishore your EOD is #OD :D. don’t think aboout other EOD

  3. Maruti Mohanty

    Nice to see you doing something else, other than searching and adding plugins ;) :P

  4. Super like man, just awesome and true enough. END OF THE DEVELOPER :P

  5. Great thought !!

  6. Good job..

  7. Rajaniakant Beero

    Loved it. Nice thought Kishore :)

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